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Now why are testimonials so important? Because people trust their friends and what they see more than they trust your advertisements or your promotions. Most of you have probably
captured testimonials, maybe in print, but there are all different types of testimonials. You know, like your reviews on Google. Those are testimonials. Maybe you’re using Angie’s List or Yelp.

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How to improve my copywriting

Your prospects are bombarded by marketing messages everywhere. Today, there’s so much clutter, making it hard to get through to people. If you have boring copy, it’s even harder to get people to pay attention. Graphics might attract attention, but text sells. Learn how to write effective copy and format it properly to improve your sales.

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what is situational leadership

You hired someone to do a job, and then expect to be able to delegate duties and see them come to completion without input from you. But you find yourself frustrated by having to check in with them over and over. Trust me, I’ve been there! Find out how situational leadership could be the answer to your problems in this episode of Fordify.

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what is niche marketing? Fordify Ford Saeks

What is niche marketing?

One of the common problems I see with a lot of companies is that they try to send the same message to every market.

A niche is a subset of a particular market that you’re going to send messages to. It’s how do you target your message to a particular market?

So you might be thinking, “How do I find my niche or the niches in my business?”

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We’re launching a new YouTube video series that tackles all things business. Too broad? That’s intentional.

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LinkedIn and Facebook groups represent a gold mine of prospects and potential clients for your business. But most people abuse them, try and fail miserably, and give up thinking that it’s just a huge waste of time. In my keynote presentations on leveraging the power of social media, I share the analogy that all social media websites are really just databases.

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Twitter and Facebook might gain you more shares, but in business LinkedIn reigns, sending almost four times more direct traffic to corporate homepages than other social sites. LinkedIn should be part of your content marketing strategy and media calendar, but avoid the trap of just posting content to post content. Make sure it’s solution-based, relevant, intriguing, and engaging for your target audience.

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