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One of the first keys to success is leveraging the superpower of goal setting. Getting clear on what you want to do, be, have, or become. Do you really know where you want to go?  Whether you’re reading this for improvements in your personal life, or business success it’s important to have a clear destination.  […]

Have you ever wanted to do something new, but you just weren’t sure how to do it? I think we all feel like this at times. What would you suppose hold us back from taking action? Is it our belief system, our programming, or our conditioning? Is it a combination of all three? Here are […]

How does one unlock their Superpowers?  Do you remember when you were a kid.  Did you have a cape and played the part of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman… or one of the other caped crusaders who swooped in, thwarted the bad guys, and solved all the world’s problems.

Critical Thinking Unleashes Your Inner Superhero

Are you making life too hard?  Have you given away your power?  Are you letting external forces guide your feelings and decision making? I get it, there are obstacles, challenges, and disruptions coming from almost every angle. That’s why it’s more important than ever to develop and use your own Superpowers to make better decisions […]

Increase Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement and Customer Retention

Add Value, Make a Profit. That concept sounds simple, I know. But you may be surprised at how many businesses overlook it. The more value you add, the more customers will come back to do business with you… the more profit your business will generate. Adding value is really the name of the game when it […]

Why Your Organization Should Hire an Internet Marketing Speaker

Fresh Ideas, Innovative Approach and Explosive Growth with Internet Marketing Speaker, Ford Saeks! Would you like to increase revenues, enhance productivity, gain the competitive edge and produce higher profits? Well, if you answered yes, then your organization could benefit from a business growth and internet marketing presentation with impact, interactivity and idea-oriented action steps that can […]