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enhancing your website user experience ford saeks fordify

In this high-tech day and age, marketing is more and more about personalization and the voice of your customer. It’s about improving the user experience throughout all of the points in which your customer has contact with your company. Watch this episode (or read the post below) to learn the key moments you have to […]

enhancing your website user experience

Are you making it too hard for visitors to engage with your website? Even if your website is functioning and looks good, it might not be effective from a marketing perspective. Try looking at your website through the eyes of a prospect. Is it optimized for user experience? Are you applying UX web design best […]

Do you ever get so busy that it just seems impossible to focus on delivering great customer service? It’s so important in today’s fast-paced information overloaded world that you maximize the customer experience. Watch this episode of #Fordify to find out how to master customer communication skills in your business or read below for a […]

Now why are testimonials so important? Because people trust their friends and what they see more than they trust your advertisements or your promotions. Most of you have probably captured testimonials, maybe in print, but there are all different types of testimonials. You know, like your reviews on Google. Those are testimonials. Maybe you’re using […]

What is Referral Marketing?

So you may think, “Ah we get lots of referrals.” But no matter how many referrals you get right now, no matter what type of business you have–whether it’s an online business, offline business, brick and mortar or anything in between you can benefit by increasing your referral culture. That’s our focus of this episode of Fordify. Watch the video […]

Engaging Customers

What makes up an engaged customer? We’ve put together an easy guide to identify and help encourage engaged customers. First it starts with learning what an engaged customer believes and does. An Engaged Customer…

We spend a lot of time thinking about our target audience. What are their problems? How can we offer solutions? But what about connecting with that audience once they become customers? How do you connect with clients so they become repeat customers who spread word about your company through referrals? Below you’ll find nine strategies […]

Increase Customer Loyalty, Customer Engagement and Customer Retention

Add Value, Make a Profit. That concept sounds simple, I know. But you may be surprised at how many businesses overlook it. The more value you add, the more customers will come back to do business with you… the more profit your business will generate. Adding value is really the name of the game when it […]