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Ford Saeks can help you and your viewers, readers, and listeners grow their business, gain valuable insights and doable tactics on a wide variety of relevant topics.

Ford helps businesses, associations, franchise brands,  and organizations of all types and sizes build better relationships, increase brand awareness, improve sales, and ignite innovation to produce profitable results.

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Ford Saeks is available to contribute unique insights, sound bites and featured content to media professionals working on various business growth topics, articles and interviews. Ford Saeks is a frequent guest on TV shows, podcasts, and contributor to numerous business and trade publications.

All content provided is customized for YOUR SPECIFIC industry, needs, and target outcomes. Here are a few possible story angles…

“Expanding Brand Awareness”
“Superpower Success & The Marketing Mind Set”
“Increasing Customer Engagement”
“Social Media Influence | Managing Your Online Reputaiton!”
“How to Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes”
“Enhancing the Customer Experience”
“Driving Online Sales”
“In-bound Marketing Mastery”
"Leading Effective Teams"
“Local Marketing Domination”
“Igniting Innovation”
"YOUR TOPIC HERE… (Contact Ford for an Interview or Custom Article)”

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Recent Interviews with Ford Saeks

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Facebook page for Wichita business hacked

Ford comments about social media security after a Wichita Business has their Facebook page hacked.

Goal Achievers Radio

with Phil Taylor

In this episode, Ford Saeks talks about Using Your Digital Footprint to Get More Business. He shares tips and tricks for optimizing and monetizing your marketing.

Onward Nation

with Stephen Woessner

In this episode, Ford Saeks, explains how there is no such thing as a money problem. Join us as we dive deep into the concepts and theories behind this brilliant statement.

The Profit Ability Show

with Nick Night

In this episode, Ford talks about his journey to success, which includes having invented a household item everyone will recognize! He shares with us a wealth of strategies and tactics that can be used immediately to grow our businesses, and also discusses, in specific detail, his very powerful LinkedIn growth strategy!

Speaker Net News

with Rebecca Morgan, Speaker Net News

Featured guest, Ford Saeks, along with colleague Connie Podesta, discussed 10 things that speakers need to quit doing in order to be successful.

The Daily Buzz Show

with host Lance Smith, The Daily Buzz

As a featured guest on The Daily Buzz, Ford Saeks provides insights on how others can become more successful and reach their goals using techniques from his new book, Superpower! How to Think, Act and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results.


The Howard Keating Show

with host Howard Keating, SiriusXM

Featured guest, Ford Saeks discussed how companies can grow their sales through social media and communicate value to their customers


Biz Talk Radio Show

with host Monica Puig, WZAB 880 AM The Biz

Ford Saeks talks about how to effectively leverage your blog on Biz Talk, a radio show that provides hands on solutions and advice to small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurial Moment Radio Show

with hosts Brian Sullivan and Gail Worth, Hot Talk 1510 KCTE

Featured guest, Ford Saeks discussed how to benefit from Social Media Marketing, and best utilize other Internet Marketing tactics to increase targeted traffic and improve sales results.


The Amazing Business Show

with Shep Hyken

Ford Saeks Shares Tips on Social Media, Dominating Search Engines, and Generating the Right Leads

Take the Lead Radio

with Dr. Diane Hamilton

Ford talks about branding and marketing your business.

Dr. Diane Hamilton Show – 5/24/17

Get Your Message Heard Podcast

Redefining the Formula for Business Success with Ford Saeks

Sharing ideas and insights to help grow your expertise based business.

A Few Published Articles by Ford Saeks


You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

Tree Care Industry Magazine

Too many businesses don't realize how hard they are making there customers work to give them their business. What can YOU do right now to improve your first impression online?

NSA million dollar ideas

Million-Dollar Ideas

Speaker Magazine

The more visibility you have online, the larger your overall influence. If you want to get more leads, bookings and product sales, then you need to start by enhancing your digital footprint.

Wisconsin Professional Agent

Text Message Advertising

Wisconsin Professional Agent

Imagine the impact of advertising to your target market via SMS text message; you have the opportunity to get their attention… any time, any where.

Inland Empire Business Journal

Making Your Website Smartphone Compatible

Inland Empire Business Journal

If you want to gain a competitive advantage over your competition, your brand needs to be as mobile as your customer.

International Franchise Association

Social Media: Has it Lived up to The Hype?

Franchising World

Companies that understand the importance of monitoring the conversations and engaging their customers are the ones reaping the rewards of social media.

Commercial Contractor

Don’t Wait… Make Your Brand Mobile

Commercial Contractor

By making your brand mobile, you will increase awareness about your company, products and services.

HVACR Business

Using the Power of Smartphones to Grow Your Business

HVACR Business

Not only is mobile marketing a great way to gain and connect with new customers, it also enables you to add value for your current customers.

Professional Door Dealer

Smartphones = Smart Growth

Professional Door Dealer

Four ways to build your brand, relationships and your biz with a phone.

TechJournal South

The Future of Your Business is in the Palm of Your Hand

TechJournal South

Four things you can start doing today to capitalize on the growing popularity of new Smartphone technology.

Industry Source

Blogging in the Beauty Industry

The Industry Source Magazine

Effectively leveraging a blog can help you in any industry. The Industry Source magazine is the top business trade publication in the beauty industry. Read Ford’s article on how blogs can enhance your beauty business.

Small Business Opportunities

Using Your Blog to Grow Your Small Business

Small Business Opportunities Magazine

How to use your blog to attract new prospects & grow your small business.

Affluent magazine

Tips to Help You Effectively Leverage Your Blog

Affluent Magazine

Increase your profits and grow your business by effectively leveraging your blog.


Fresh Content is the New King

Strategize Magazine

You might have heard that content is king, but today fresh content is the new king. Ford Saeks’ article explains how to update your blog with fresh content and effectively leverage it for your business.

Direct Marketing Digest

Exclusive Interview With Ford Saeks

Direct Marketing Digest

Direct Marketing Success Story Interview with Ford Saeks, founder of Prime Concepts

Speaker Magazine

Everybody’s Talkin'

Speaker Magazine

How to use Social Media Marketing to build your business and improve your search engine rankings.

ABA Bank Marketing

The Love Letter File

ABA Bank Marketing Magazine

Displaying and distributing case studies about satisfied customers is a powerful marketing technique that doesn’t cost a dime to assemble-but can pay big dividends.

ATRN Magazine

No One Needs Another !$&#%@ E-mail…

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks reveals effective ways to market your business via e-mails–without resorting to spam!

ATRN Magazine

Marketing to the Media

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks discusses how to get your product releases printed in magazines and posted on websites for free.

ATRN Magazine

Using Your Phone System to Market Your Business

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks outlines simple ways to turn the time customers spend “on hold” into profit-rich marketing.

ATRN Magazine

The Overlooked Secret Weapon that Doesn’t Cost a Dime and has Huge Payoffs

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks provides advice on how to get “big buck” results using free customer testimonials in your marketing campaign.

ATRN Magazine

4 Secrets to a Money-Making Website

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks provides tips for getting the most out of your website’s online presence.

ATRN Magazine

Make Your Marketing Calendar Work for You

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks discusses ways to save time, money and effort with a little pre-planning.

Tools for the Trade

Your Marketing Plan Needs Performance Benchmarks

Tools for the Trade

Marketing expert Ford Saeks discusses the need to test and track all marketing efforts in order to see what works and what falls flat.

ATRN Magazine

Do-It-Yourself Marketing That Pays Off

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks examines importance of testing and tracking marketing efforts.

Convene Magazine

Capture the Emotion

Convene Magazine/PCMA

Marketing guru Ford Saeks discusses how effective direct and Internet marketing can be in bringing more attendees to trade shows.

ATRN Magazine

How to Attract New Business

ATRN Magazine

Columnist Ford Saeks discusses ways aftermarket businesses can create and test marketing efforts for maximum pay-off.

Extraordinary Banker Magazine featuring Ford Saeks

Extraordinary Banker Magazine

Crafting Compelling Marketing Messages

Extraordinary Banker

Writing effective marketing and sales copy is a critical skill to help you grow your bank.

Extraordinary Banker magazine

Do Your Suffer from Spam-O-Phobia?

Extraordinary Banker

Don’t let the fear of being branded a “spammer” keep you from marketing via e-mail

Extraordinary Banker magazine

ROI Marketing Makeover

Extraordinary Banker

Senior marketing consultant for The Emmerich Group, Ford Saeks discusses the benefits of conducting a marketing makeover for banks.

Extraordinary Banker

How to Drive Up Profits

Extraordinary Banker

Senior marketing consultant for The Emmerich Group, Ford Saeks examines the role of testing, tracking and marketing plans for banks.

Extraordinary Banker

Design With Customers In Mind

Extraordinary Banker

Senior marketing consultant for The Emmerich Group, Ford Saeks shares the advantages of designing websites with customer needs in mind.