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How to Think, Act, and Perform with Less Effort and Better Results

In today’s competitive, information-overloaded, and challenging economic conditions, there is no such thing as job security—only skills security. The more you learn, the more you can earn. Superpower! gives you the ultimate roadmap for how to think, act, and perform with less effort and better results.

Profit-Rich Marketing

Proven Strategies to Help You Grow Your Business

The time-tested and proven tips and strategies in Profit-Rich Marketing are designed to give you a big boost in growing your business. You’ll find great value in the quick-read ideas presented, designed for easy implementation.

Marketing Magic!

Innovative Tips on Marketing, Media & Public Relations from Some of America's Cutting-Edge Leaders

Imagine sitting down with 18 of America's most notable marketing experts and learning their most innovative and effective strategies and techniques! Marketing Magic! presents cutting-edge ideas from men and women with proven track records and long lists of satisfied clients.

Celebrate Marketing: Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success

If you're looking for ways to jump-start your marketing, read this book. Eleven experts, including Ford Saeks, give you specific techniques to get new business and take better care of your current customers. Benefit from Ford Saeks chapter on "Aligning your Market, Message and Method" — The Marketing Mix System™.

How to Become a Copywriting Stud

Become One of the World's Highest Paid Copywriters!

Twelve lessons on wow to write "killer copy" for sensational sales of any product or service… even if you flunked English. This manual takes you through the entire process from crafting powerful headlines, pulling the reader into the copy, creating the offer, creating a powerful internal message, the call to action and a powerful P.S.

Video Training

Social Media Success: Video Training with Ford Saeks

Save Time, Increase Leads & Grow Your Business Using Social Media

Social media marketing isn’t just about posting. It’s about engagement, interaction, and building your business. But, you can waste a lot time if you don’t use the power of social media to your advantage. Whether it’s YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, discover where you should be spending your time, which strategies work, and how to implement them into your own plan with Ford Saeks’ Social Media Success Bundle.

Video Marketing Secrets: Video Training with Ford Saeks

Build Awareness, Influence Your Prospects to Action & Increase Your Sales with Video Marketing

Video can help you quickly capture attention, build brand awareness, educate, entertain, provide inspiration and influence your prospects to take action. Get the simple strategies and tactics to leveraging YouTube and video marketing with Ford Saeks’ 90 minute online video training: Video Marketing Secrets.

Seven Easy Ways to Drive Local Traffic to Your Business

Video Training with Ford Saeks

If you want to get more customers into your store, practice, or business... whether you're selling products or services... Ford Saeks will show you how to get locally targeted traffic to your website and into your location in his 60-minute video training.

Social Influence: Video Training with Ford Saeks

Simple Strategies for Everyone Who Wants to Connect, Engage & Grow Their Business

It's a fact. You don't really own your brand anymore, your customers do. In this webinar, Ford Saeks will share strategies on how to navigate, protect, influence and leverage social media relationships.

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Video Training with Ford Saeks

Grow a Massive Network & Create Massive Profits

Grow a Massive Network & Create Massive Profits

Google Plus for Your Business: Video Training with Ford Saeks

Drive Word-of-Mouth Traffic to Your Website & Get Higher Rankings on Google!

Drive Word-of-Mouth Traffic to Your Website & Get Higher Rankings on Google!

A Simple System to Get More Leads, Customers & Sales: Video Training with Ford Saeks

A Simple System to Attract New Customers, Wow Current Customers & Produce Maximum Results


The DISC® Sales Assessment

Improve Your Sales by Improving Yourself

The DISC® Leadership Assessment

Improve Communication & Lead Your Team to Success

The DISC® Self Assessment

Create Productive Relationships in Your Professional & Personal Life

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