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Marketing Magic

Marketing Magic!

Innovative Tips on Marketing, Media & Public Relations from Some of America's Cutting-Edge Leaders

296-Page Paperback Book

Imagine sitting down with 18 of America’s most notable marketing experts and learning their most innovative and effective strategies and techniques!

Marketing Magic! presents cutting-edge ideas from men and women with proven track records and long lists of satisfied clients. There’s treasure in every chapter!

Featuring Ford Saeks. Also Features:

  • Brian Tracy
  • Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Robert Bly
  • Merrie Spaeth
  • Bette Daoust,Ph.D.
  • Allen Stam
  • Bob Pritchard
  • Charles Clarke
  • Kelly McDonald
  • Ed Bond
  • Don Benton
  • Jill Lublin
  • David Edstrom
  • Ken Banks
  • Rosemary Walter
  • Rick Cooper
  • Richard Tyler

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