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Video Marketing Secrets

Video Marketing Secrets: Video Training with Ford Saeks

Build Awareness, Influence Your Prospects to Action & Increase Your Sales with Video Marketing

90-Minute Streaming Video, DVD or Combo

This is the age of video!

It’s clear that YouTube and video marketing is here to stay. And for good reason! You can quickly capture attention, build brand awareness, educate, entertain, provide inspiration and influence your prospects to take action…all using video! Plus, when leveraged successfully, video can also help you get top rankings in the search engines.

Get the simple strategies and tactics to leveraging YouTube and video marketing with Ford Saeks’ 90 minute online video training!

You’ll discover:

  • Video marketing tactics that increase brand awareness, prospects, and sales
  • Simple ways to use video for lead generation that will keep your sales funnel packed
  • How to get top search engine rankings using YouTube videos
  • Top ways to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website
  • Easy ways to create videos that engage and influence your target prospects
  • Tips that make creating, uploading and embedding videos easy
  • Viral video marketing tips that can you can use for all of your videos
  • Secrets to encourage social sharing of your videos

No matter where your technical expertise may lie, this video training will give you the knowledge you need to use video and video marketing to grow your business.

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