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mastering the economic conversation ford saeks fordify

Do you know how to craft compelling questions that uncover your prospect’s pain? That’s what this week’s episode is about— Mastering the Economic Conversation to help you get more sales at higher prices. We’ll cover how to qualify prospects by developing open-ended questions that help you close the sale.

First, let’s get real. Sales funnels are nothing new, but with the tracking ability and impact of digital marketing, along with new automation tools on the Internet, like Leadpages, and Clickfunnels, it’s becoming a popular topic. That’s what we’re going to cover on this episode of Fordify. Watch or read below.

targeting to your buyer's style fordify ford saeks

How would you like to know the secret formula to connecting and influencing at a deeper level?  Are you wondering how to target more effectively to your customers? Influencing buyers is not about manipulating them. It’s about establishing more effective communication. One of the best ways to do that is to apply the same concepts […]

why people don't buy fordify ford saeks

Do you ever find yourself asking these questions: Why don’t prospects buy more of my products and services? How can I increase my #sales and conversion rate? What are the psychological barriers to #buying? That’s the topic we’re going to cover today on #Fordify. We’re going to talk about how customers make buying decisions and how you can influence […]

Defining your unique selling proposition USP

Do you know why people spend money with you and your business instead of your competition? It comes down to your USP, your Unique Selling Proposition. A USP defines the company’s position in the market place. It’s that distinct, appealing idea that sets you apart from every other “me too” competitor or alternative solution, including […]